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Our recent achievements:

  • The only organization to consistently campaign in the  run up to the federal election on the major issues that ultimately determined the result – energy, jobs, family polices and freedoms of religion and speech;
  • Ran, for the tenth consecutive year, the highly successful Young Professional Action Training (YPAT) and launched our youth lecture series.
  • Delivered via live stream our EQUIP program (NCC's 101) and run regular briefings to supporters across the nation on the big issues facing Australia.
  • Launched globally the new book, The Little Grey Book on Sex and Transgender, a primer for young people, families, teachers, politicians, lawyers and others as on the transgenderism, the new Marxism threatening our freedoms.
  • Briefed MPs about the Safe Schools radical sex education program, leading to the loss of its federal government funding, and withdrawal in NSW and Tasmania.
  • Lead the successful 2017 campaign in Victoria to stop the state Government removing the ability of religious bodies and schools to employ people who share their beliefs and values;
  • Exposed how activist environmental ‘charities’ campaigned against major Australian mineral export industries, which has led to calls for these organizations to lose their charity status; and more

Urgent: Fighting threats to faith, families and freedom 

Coalition and Labor party leaders say they want to protect religious freedom, yet all are complicit in advancing changes to the federal Sex Discrimination Act that will remove the freedom for religious schools to choose whom they employ or educate. it is hypocritical of these parties to promote such changes while they only recruit and promote members who comply with their parties’ policies

There is no room for complacency, even with the new Morrison government.

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