Register for the NCC National Conference and Dinner 2019

The annual NCC National Conference and Dinner 2019 is fast approaching. This year, we are fortunate to have international speaker Professor Allan Carlson from the World Congress of Families.

Professor Allan C. Carlson is President Emeritus of the Howard Center for Family, Religion
and Society, Director of the Family in America Studies Centre, and Editor of The Family
in America. Member, Council on Families; Consultant, Research Institute for the Family,
Russian Federation. Dr. Carlson is the author of the books, Family Questions: Reflections
on the American Social Crisis; The Swedish Experiment in Family Politics: The Myrdals
and the Interwar Population Crisis; among others. His articles have appeared in the
Washington Post; Journal of Social Issues; Society; Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public
Policy. He is a prolific speaker worldwide.

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